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Hello Everyone!  My name is Fern and that's my husband Mark that's pictured with me.  We have four children and two grandchildren.  We live in America's Finest city in Southern California.  We are blessed!! 
I'm a nurse and have been in the field for 28 years.  Six years ago, I finally found my calling as a hospice nurse.  I find it to be the most rewarding job ever!!  The nurses, docs, social workers, chaplains and CHHAs I work with are the best and the most compassionate people I have ever encountered.  Again, I am truly blessed. 
On to what this blog is about....essential oils!!  I've always heard about essential oils, but for the very first time in March of 2014, I met face to face with what therapeutic grade Peppermint can do for me. I was at my brother's house and had a huge headache.  I asked for Tylenol or Motrin, but my sister in law said she had something else I could try.  She brought out a tiny bottle of Peppermint oil and told me to rub a couple of drops on my temples.  The scent was so fresh and invigorating and within a matter of 10 minutes, I could feel my headache disappearing.  I was intrigued to say the least!!!  From that day, I was on the internet researching brands and companies.  A good friend of mine of Facebook posted about lavender and I sent her a private message asking for more information.  She got back with me and gave me all the information I needed.  I still continued to research more that night.  It was down to two companies that I was debating between.  What sold me on the company I chose was the Seed to Seal process. 
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I am continually educating myself on essential oils and its benefits.  I have  a list of must read books that I haven't even put a dent in. 
To be continued.....

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