Friday, February 27, 2015


I'll admit, when I got my starter kit about a year ago, I really didn't care for this oil.  In fact, I couldn't stand the smell.  Well, let me tell you, my feelings for this special oil have COMPLETELY changed!  I absolutely LOVE it!!  What's in it, you ask?  I'd be happy to tell you!  :)
Joy is a perfect blend of
Bergamot - uplifting/relieves tension/calms anxiety
Mandarin - uplifting/refreshing/promotes happiness
Ylang Ylang - boosts confidence
Lemon - invigorating/promotes energy
Geranium - eases nerves and tension
Jasmine - mood lifter/boosts confidence
Palmarosa -reduces stress and tension
Roman Chamomile -reduces nerves and irritability
Rosewood - creates a sense of well being
That is some good stuff!!!  I used this all week long and it kept me in my happy zone!  :)  My friend Jen got me a diffuser necklace and Joy is the scent that I carried with me all week.

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