Sunday, July 6, 2014

Camp necessities!

My son is going on a week camping trip with our church's high school group.  He just finished packing and I made sure I packed some essential oils for him that he will/might need.
Oregano - to keep treating a couple of warts that he has.  They are almost gone and I just wanted to make sure he is consistent with it
Peppermint - Just in case he feels nauseated, has a stomach ache or gets a fever.  Also, if he needs a quick pick me up during the day
Purification - for any zits that pop up (you know those have to be taken care of),  just in case he gets a sore throat or for any bug bites or little boo boos
Bug Repellent - A spray that that I made to keep the bugs away!!

This is what I put in the Bug Repellent:

And here is the recipe:

They will be heading up to Green Valley Lake tomorrow and I know that they all will have fun and the Lord will be working on a lot of hearts and lives there.  You will all be in my prayers throughout the week!!


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