Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grandkids' Favorite YLEOs

Okay guys, here it is....out of the mouth of babes.  These are my grandkids, my sunshine, the apple of my eye, my cuddlebugs, my joy to my sadness, my love bugs, the two people who can turn my frown upside down, the laughter to my tears, my WHY....okay, you get the picture.  :)  They are here telling you like it is...their favorite Young Living Essential Oils and why. 
Tristan's is LEMON.  He just loves the scent.  It's invigorating and it gives him energy...not that he needs any more than he has.  :)
Coraline's is PEACE & CALMING or how she calls it...CALM & PEACE.  Like she says, she LOVES it.  It tickles her when her mommy and daddy put it on her BUT the most important reason why is because it helps her sleep all by herself!!  :D
Here's more info on the benefits Lemon and Peace & Calming....

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