Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A PTSD Story

Being a Hospice and Home Health Nurse, I've met so many people with PTSD....all at different levels from mild to severe.  I've even seen it tear families apart.  It saddens me that these men and women who sacrificed so much for our country are suffering. Below is a powerful testimony that brought me to tears.  How fitting, this all happened over Memorial Day Weekend.  With her permission, I am able to share it with you!
"My husband is an Iraqi Vet three times over, USMC. He has been out for a couple years now. He served 10 years. He got out in December of 2012. His mental health screening was a joke. He has actually had PTSD from his first deployment in 2004. It has gone untreated and undocumented until he got out of the Marine Corps and headed to the VA for health care. He was very quickly diagnosed with severe PTSD and severe depression. They put him on meds so he wouldn't be suicidal. He has rock bottom testosterone levels (from the PTSD). He receives an injection every week and is working with his doctor to get his levels up. My husband has not been himself at all. He avoids conversation with me (we used to be best friends), he doesn't play with our children. He gets irritated by their laughter even..... his nerves just can't handle all that noise and we have four children. We believe that he is to be the leader of our home. The children and I naturally follow his lead. So you can only imagine how things have been. We are God-fearing, Jesus-loving people who try our hardest to follow Christ's example. Every day has been a constant battle for all of us around here. I've been at the end of my rope for years.
So, I have been very interested in these oils. We had lavender and eucalyptus in our home for a while. (Not YL brand) I started to let our four year old smell lavender when she would get upset. The results were amazing. I knew there was something to essential oils but limited myself to calming my toddler with the lavender, making body butter with it for me at night, and using eucalyptus with coconut oil or in baths to help with colds. I had posted in a group full of Christian women, mostly photographers, for prayer for our family. That's when I got a message from a gal telling me about YL. She mentioned how Gary Young was developing a protocol for PTSD fighters. I was very interested. Then I started researching YL as well as a couple other brands. YL won me over with their accountability they have by not outsourcing or mixing already distilled oils in their bottles. They do it all and because of that, they HAVE to give a high quality product because they can not point the finger elsewhere if they ever had a bad batch. I spoke with my husband about it here and there. I had read him some testimonials specifically about PTSD patients getting help with the oils. He said that even if they don't work, we'd probably save money diffusing oils if I quit buying febreeze all the time (recovering febreeze addict here. Anyone else?). We had to pinch pennies and shift things around but we just got or kit earlier this month.
I had posted about the day they came and how my husband's job was no longer stable and he had to update his resume right away. We put frankincense on him and saw immediate results. We have been using the pack for so many things and loving the results. For PTSD, we had put frankincense on him just a couple times. It seems to help with stress but the result is short lived for him. So, on Saturday, I felt like I got my husband back. We had to run errands and he loaded our four kiddos in the car while I finished getting myself ready. On my way out the door, I grabbed the oils I usually do and put them in my purse (stress away for me, peppermint in case my head hurts, P&C for our littles, and lavender for several things ). I got in the car and I immediately could tell something was different. My husband was not annoyed by the noise of our children. He was joking around and laughing. He was holding conversation with me. When I got nasty a couple times with my mood, he never batted and eye.... just stayed calm and loving. We finished the night with dinner at my parents. I was amazed at how my husband WANTED to help with cooking and cleaning and parenting. In fact, we were back to how we believe it should be.... I was helping him! I felt so light. I didn't have the burden of this family and putting out fires all the time. He loaded our kids up in my parents driveway while I lingered back to chat with my parents. "Something is going on with Matthew. He has been AMAZING today!" I was so excited! Our night home brought showers for all six of us and my husband stayed calm and didn't yell at all.
Fast forward to Sunday as we were leaving for church. I did my usual "oil call" on the way out the door. Our oldest shouted "give me some joy", followed by our other girls "I want the green one" "mommy, let me smell the pink one", and our son deciding if he wanted anything. I was filling my purse with the usual a when my husband walked by saying "oh, hey, give me some of that valor. I put it on yesterday and felt great!" No kidding!!!! I about fell to the floor. "That's IT!" I explained what I had noticed, what I told my parents, etc. Sunday was another awesome day. Monday as well!
For three days now, I've had my husband back! We have had laughter and joy in our home. He has been up and at 'me and not lounging around playing video games on his phone. He has been so awesome that I have noticed MY flaws and not his. The few times I misinterpreted something and snapped, he stayed so calm and sweet.
Praising God that when He made the world, He included Caprylic, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense. And praising God for giving someone the idea to distill them at therapeutic quality and bottle them together with the label "Valor"! I got my warrior back!!!!!!!!!"  -Alexi

Alexi and her husband even went as far as making a video so we all could put a face to a name and it made it more personal.  It is about 20 minutes long, but well worth it.  Again, it brought me to tears! 

Thank you for allowing me to share your story Alexi.  My hope that it will give some encouragement and hope to others who are suffering from PTSD.
Spruce (Picea mariana), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) and frankincense (Boswellia carteri) in a base of coconut oil.

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